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Movies and TV shows I’m looking forward to (2023)

Making a list of upcoming movies and TV shows makes me look forward to the future. There will be plenty of clunkers on this list, but there will almost certainly be some great stuff in there. Plus amazing stuff not on the list! I shared lots more reasons and caveats...

The Ashley-Church Trilogy – Ungaro & Co.

In my view, it’s never been about left or right, it’s been about up or down all along. In a recent chat with Ashley Church, I probed him about the ultimate goals of those who reside on the left and right of the political spectrum. The reason why? I think there’s a...

Are your tāringa[ears] painted on?! – Ungaro & Co.

Are your tāringa painted on?! By Carley Ellis As mum to two young boys and wife to one older one, I’m used to people in my household not listening to me.  But it was a huge surprise when my eldest son actually failed his “before-school” hearing check – I thought the...

Tony Alexander | It’s a Wrap | NZHL

Taken from Tea with Tony December 2022 As we quickly approach the end of the year, Tony wraps up the economic turbulence of 2022 and looks at what’s happening in the regions. And, what can we expect for 2023 – will the new year bring calmer waters, or has uncertainty...

Everything You Need To Know About Insurance

Insurance is a murky place. It has a bad rap. People don’t get covered properly, so when the proverbial hits the fan, they aren’t covered. To make things worse, insurance is one of those pesky things that come out of your pay to really provide you peace of mind, and...

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