Those of you who listen to the Madaxeman Podcast will have heard us talking about 3D prints a fair amount recently – and in the lastest episode (“Huge Grenadier Hat Malarkey”) we even committed to the idea of Tamsin printing off some figures for us all to have a go at painting as well. 

These are the 3D Breed “free” models (STL files to be precise I believe) that are given away as tasters to their range, and come in both 15mm and 28mm styles. Tamsin printed them off for all of the Podcast crew and I’ve now managed to finish prepping and painting the Greek Hoplites I ended up with, and have taken a few photos of them here:

  These are the beasties in their au naturel purple plastic form, with “supports” still in place. This looks a right mess and a faff, but using a sprue clipping tool (a necessary investment for anyone making plastic figures these days IMO) they did clean up eailly easily and quickly to then undercoat for painting.

And here are 2 of the finished 28mm figures

They are chunky fellows, but I think that is entirely down to the style of the sculpts, as the Reconquer 3D prints were much finer (although made using different technology too)

The figures weren’t printed with bases so I glued them to a Commander’s 40mm round base and also glued them together as a pair to give them more stability and usability 

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