Just before it got really, really cold I took a trip Up North to watch Fulham be cruelly denied a valuable away point at the Ethiad by a rather dubious and very late Invincible Magic Robot Boy penalty

But, more wargames-related, that was followed the next day by a chance to take part in the final round of the one-dayNorthern League competition in Britains Coldest Building, the British Legion Hall in Eccles!

This was an open event so I took the Later Hungarians – a lockdown painting project which had yet to see competitive action in it’s “Late” form.

The three games in one day saw the Black Army of Matthew Corvinius face off first against the Tuaregs, followed by two very different Medieval Scots armies, and all three games were captured for posterity and uploaded to YouTube with pseudo-tactical commentary on what I thought I was hoping to achieve when I was playing.

See for yourself with these three YouTube videos if the theory worked! 

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